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Established in early 2014, the company is located at Jiangmen, an important city in the west Pearl River Delta. The factory is situated in Nanlu of DaYanShan, where is very beautiful, adjoining Jiujiang town of Foshancity, bordering on Zhongshan, a boom city situated in the east of Jiangmen. Meidas company specializes in developing, producing and selling auto supplies (cleaner)building mate

Meidas people believe that life is still alive, the first self-developed into the ego, I realize that large, that is, from "Theravada" to "Mahayana" transformation.
Meidas Company believes that personal success is not enough, and only bring more people to succeed, truly successful, that is to say "transfer value, the future success," said.
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Heshan meidas Auto supplies Co.,Ltd. Copyright Address: Xianfeng Village, Hechang Town, Heshan, Jiangmen, Guangdong.
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